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Digilume DE Light Plans for Multiple Fixtures

Digilume DE 1000W 240v High Frequency Ballast, Par Reflector & DE HPS Lamp Kit


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1000w DE High Frequency Ballast 240v

The Digilume 1150w DE High Frequency Ballast can be used remotely or as a full fixture ballast.

  •     High Frequency 100+kHz, Full Fixture and Remote Ballast, All in One!

  •     Adjustable from 600, 660, 750, 825, 1000, and 1150 watts

  •     Microprocessor Precision Controlled Electronics

  •     Smart Lamp Ignition for HPS and MH DE Lamps

  •     Designed to drive Horticultural DE Lamps to 2100+ Umol/s Par Value

  •     Over Temperature, Over/Under Voltage, Open/Short Circuit Protection

  •     Specifically designed for use with Digilume DE and a wide range of Horticultural Lamps!

The Digilume PAR-Reflector             

 Optically designed for direct (non-supplemental) horticultural lighting to maximize reflectivity of plant- usable (PAR) light from the Digilume DE 1150W Ballast and DE 1000w Lamp. The Digilume PAR Reflector is parabolic shaped and made from a European 99.99% silver coated aluminum (98% reflective), with a stucco finish for the most optimal and efficient horticultural light distribution available. This unique reflector is designed to be hung 48” above your plant canopy directing photons downward into an optimal 5’x5’ foot-print, while allowing heat to diffuse upwards with virtually no thermal trapping. Removable reflector insert detaches easily from the reflector arm. (No cheap screws)

Digilume PAR-Reflector Insert Designed & Made in USA!

The Digilume DE 1000w HPS Lamp

Specially designed and engineered for use with the Digilume DE Ballast and PAR Reflector, this is a truly integrated, professional horticultural lighting solution for the most demanding of growers.

Delivering an incredible 2100+ umol/sec, (18” distance)

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Reflector Insert Instructions Page 1

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Availability: In stock




Pretty great value for the price! Review by Bobby B
I am about to buy in and I really think this a good value for the competitive price. (Posted on 12/19/2014)


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